Friday, 12 September 2008

Grandma's visit

Dear all,
We had a lovely few weeks with Christine’s mum in August, starting with a few days on the beach in Bagamoyo, where Isaac can be seen proudly displaying a freshly fallen coconut. We spent most of her visit just relaxing in Dodoma and enjoying all our usual activities with her.

Daniel is loving school and is very excited about learning to read. Whilst mum was here we had the annual sports day at school. These pictures are of Daniel and his classmates on the day. Daniel had a great time, though unfortunately the yellow team came in last place! Isaac continues to enjoy life too and we are particularly enjoying volunteering at the local nursery school.

Christine recently met with the general secretary at the provincial offices of the Anglican church about a possible future role. It was a really good meeting and hopefully she will start working there sometime next year as a “consultant” involved initially with a youth development project focussing on small loans for youth choirs to carry out small scale income generation projects. Later this may extend into similar work on other projects within the youth and development departments.
Paul has been continuing to prepare for the new semester whilst doing the occasional teaching practice observation.

Two weeks ago a large consignment of apparatus arrived from Lab Aid UK. It felt like Christmas opening up the boxes and cataloguing all the pieces from resistors to binocular microscopes and now the increase in many essential items means that we are much better prepared to deliver practical science to our ever growing number of students.

Last week our friend, neighbour and colleague, Elizabeth Taylor had her 60th birthday and we had a wonderful party in her garden with over 100 guests, at which Christine sang with choir Revival. The picture shows Elizabeth at the party.

We recently said goodbye to our good friends and fellow CMS mission partners Simon and Laura Walton, their girls Grace and Esther and their newly adopted son James, who have returned to England. They will be back though after an extended break back in the UK.

Our house in Tanzania has seen some forward and backward developments this week. It is now encircled by a new concrete path and patio which has become the boys’ cycle race track. Unfortunately whilst this work was going on our roof tank leaked flooding several rooms. Most things were saved (we have no carpets) although we now have a few crinkly bed time story books and rather unsightly patches on the walls and ceiling. Plans are now afoot to install an external tank and redecorate.

We are still selling CDs by Musa Njagamba and Amani Shaban for £7 each (see last entry) If you would like one please get in touch.
Please pray:
n for Daniel's birthday on Thursday, that he enjoys the day and his party
n for the new students who will be enrolling at the university in the next two weeks
n for our house back in the UK, that a tenant is found soon
n for Elizabeth, her work and life here at the University