Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Videos and justgiving page

Please take a look at my just giving page

We are trying to raise funds for the youth small loans project which Christine is working on. CMS are supporting us in this and will channel all donations made through this page to my project. You can read more about the project on the page itself and see some pictures of the work so far. Any help you are able to be give would be hugely appreciated. Thanks.x

Here are a couple of videos to give you some idea of our everyday life in Dodoma. The first is of our general life and work, and the second of the boys school and some of their activities. As usual they are low quality because of problems with uploading.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Isaac's Birthday

Dear all,

We have had a good couple of months. Isaac turned 4 at the end of March. Here he is with his veggietales birthday cake. He had a great party with around 30 friends - a very sociable boy!

We were treated to another great show at school at Easter and spent Easter day in Msalato village with Rev. Sambayi, the ex vicar of our church, and his family in their new parish. Christine and the boys had their usual few days retreat to Kilimatinde during the Easter holidays. These pictures show Isaac and some friends enjoying looking at some pigs belonging to our friend Baraka, and the boys singing with Amani on the rock in Kilimatinde.

We also enjoyed a few days visit from our friends Grace and Mark from St. Austell passing through on their way up to Musoma where Grace will be working for a while.

Christine has now started some of the preparatory training work for the small loans project in the diocese of Kiteto and is trying to find funding to continue with this. She is also busy planning and looking for funding for other projects such as the development of a recording studio for youth choirs in dodoma, and various training programmes for young people. This picture shows some of the young people during the initial seminar. Please pray for theis project and for all of Christine's work.

Our English choir CD "Light of the World" has now been produced and is on sale so we are busy promoting it. Next week we will be going to lead a service at the cathedral in town and promoting it there. Please pray for the choir as we will lose many of our members this year as they are final year students in the university. Pray that we are able to find some new members to continue the good work that the group has started in the English congregation.

After a hectic inter-semester break we're now into the swing of a slightly easier paced second semester here at the University. The picture shows some first years working away at one of the electronics practicals. First year and second year labs are going well and Paul is now working on practical tests and datalogging workshops (new for this year as we've recently received the sensors and interfaces from labaid). The Dodoma Physics Teachers Network is at a critical phase. Poor attendance from members so far suggest that it simply is not fulfilling a need and so not worth continuing however Paul has decided to try again one more time, setting a meeting for next month - please pray that if this is part of Gods will for Paul's work here in Dodoma then it may be revealed in new interest (or however God decides to do it).

Many thanks for all your support financially and prayerfully.
Much love
Paul, Christine, Daniel & Isaac