Monday, 30 November 2009

Rain and Recording

Dear all,

A few weeks ago the rain started. We thought it had come early and it looked very promising. The boys went straight out to play in their wellies! However, after a week or so of heavy rain, we have had a couple of weeks now with none at all and people are concerned it was a false alarm and are not sure whether or not to start planting. In the mean time it’s all very hot and very sticky. Please pray that the rains will start properly soon and last long enough to produce a good harvest this year.

At the end of October we enjoyed a visit from our friends from Kettering, the Aylings, who are thinking of coming to Tanzania as mission partners. We had a lovely few days with them, though sadly too short! Please pray for them as they make plans for the future, and thank God that their children loved their time here after being very apprehensive. The picture shows Stewart and Michelle with their children Jack, Harry and Robyn, together with the head and deputy head at a local primary school.

We also welcomed home from Nairobi our friends, the Garrets, with their new baby Christiana Danielle, shown here with Wendy her mum.

At the beginning of November we attended a CMS “Partners in Mission” conference at a lovely Catholic Retreat centre in Veyula just outside Dodoma. We got together with all the CMS UK mission partners in Tanzania, Tim and Steve from the UK office and Sarah from the CMS Africa office in Nairobi, for a wonderful time of sharing, encouraging and praying for one another. This picture shows nearly everyone who attended.

Last week Christine went to Dar-es-Salaam to record a CD with Revival choir after 2 hard weeks of rehearsing every day. We had a good trip and the CD is excellent though was very hard work especially due to lack of air conditioning in a small sealed studio in the hot season in Dar-es-Salaam! These pictures shows Venace recording the keyboard in the studio and Mama Glory relaxing outside the studio.

Christine’s workload has become much easier now. We are now mainly trying to find ways to fundraise for the various projects we have in the pipeline. Please pray that some of these projects and ideas will be successful and especially that we find a way to fund Beatrice’s salary as we only have a few months of money left.

Despite the heavy number of contact hours this semester Paul is fairly chipper, enjoying the teaching and finding time to devote to work issues, helping others out, the masters course and of course home and family commitments. The pergola at the back of the house has been the latest weekend project – all we need to do now is wait for the vines and passion plants, currently about 10cm tall, to grow up and over it to get some shade – may be some time.

We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. Unfortunately we missed the deadline to get a link letter out before Christmas but watch this space for a special Christmas blog!

Lots of love and blessings,
Christine, Paul, Daniel and

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

New Term

Dear all,

The new term has started this week at the university so the place is buzzing again after the peace and quiet of the last few months – it was beginning to get a little boring!

With the ink not quite dry on the timetable, Paul’s efforts are now being directed at registration of new students, sorting out seminar groups, oh and teaching 3 different courses (1 st year Physics labs, 2nd year Physics labs and a new third year education course “Educational Media and Technology”). Its all a bit hectic with study for the masters in full swing too but God is good and Paul is quite upbeat, trusting God to see him from one day to the next.

We are also extremely busy in the choir shop now all the students have come back and even more than last year. We are frantically trying to stock up to cope with the demand this week. Today I came home from town with over 500 bottles of water in the car!

Christine’s trips to Masasi and Manyoni for the small loans project evaluation went well. It was wonderful to see some of the projects the groups have developed and how much they have helped them in raising money for their groups as well as income for individuals and their churches and even helping their local communities in many ways, and all made possible with a loan of just a few hundred pounds. The first picture shows our discussions with members of youth groups in Masasi and the second shows a successful market gardening project which one of the groups set up. Please pray for funding so that we can continue this project in other dioceses.

The only down-side of the trip was the journey – it is a long way to Masasi – at least 12 hours drive, and we had an accident on the way being hit by a bus. We praise God that we were able to avoid what looked like a certain head-on collision, no-one was hurt, and though the car took quite a bashing it was still running perfectly and we were able to continue with the journey. Repair work is still on-going!

The boys have just gone back to school after a 2 week break. The climax of last term was sports day which was great fun, and a very colourful occasion as you can see on the pictures. During the holiday Christine and the boys spent a few days relaxing in Kilimatinde whilst Paul was busy registering students. We had a lovely time with our friends there. The picture shows our friends Amani and Faraja with their week old baby Nehemiah Daniel, and the boys with their friends Gift, Tumaini and Given.

Now the university term has started again we are re-starting the English service at the chapel and welcoming back our English choir who we have missed. This will be much better for the boys who find the Swahili service a struggle. We are planning to make a recording of the English choir this term, and also next month Christine will be recording with Revival choir. Please pray for both of these projects.

Lots of love and blessings to you all,
Christine, Paul, Daniel and Isaac. xxx

Monday, 21 September 2009

cousins, cake and conference

Dear all,

Greetings from the Salamans who are currently enjoying a relaxing bank-holiday weekend at home, recovering from a busy “summer break”.

Our second group of visitors over the break was Paul’s sister Mary and her family (husband David and girls Rebecca, Harriet and Rachel). They were with us for a total of just over two weeks and managed to take in all manner of vistas on Tanzanian life from visiting schools and villages to enjoying a safari park and the beach. the first picture shows the girls at a school in Dodoma, and the second shows everyone on safari on the roofrack! It was lovely to spend time with them and show them a bit of our lives here. The boys had a whale of a time with all the attention from their big cousins and really miss them now they’ve gone back.

Paul has been travelling here and there observing the university students during their block teaching practice whilst at the same time trying to organise the release of the student results for the last semester. After a manic few days things are complete and the dust has now settled leaving him free to work on preparation for the forthcoming semester, including the timetable, at a more leisurely pace. Please pray that everything will be ready for the start of the new semester in 4 weeks time.

Last week was Daniel’s 6th birthday and he had a lovely day. The pictures are of his party with some of his school friends which we had at the new Italian restaurant, and was a great success. The boys are continuing to do well at school. They just have a couple of weeks until the end of term one and then have a 2 week break. Please continue to pray for them as they develop in their school life and relationships.

Christine has had a very busy time recently preparing for and running the national youth conference which took place last weekend. It was a great success with 18 of the 23 dioceses of the Anglican church represented, with 14 choir groups, and a number of other young people and youth leaders. The weekend consisted of a great deal of singing (which is what the youth do best in Tanzania!) together with biblical teaching, practical teaching and sports. Amongst some wonderful preachers and speakers from Tanzania, we were privileged to have with us Billy Birungi, an evangelist from Uganda who heads up a very large annual youth conference there and was able to come and share the Word of God with us. We had some problems with catering but otherwise the event was enjoyed by all. Many thanks to all those who were able to support the conference in prayer and financially. God is good and we were able to raise just enough to run the conference. Now after selling some T shirts at the event we have even managed to make a slight profit. The pictures show one of the choirs performing, and Christine with her colleague Beatrice and youth leaders from all the dioceses. After a short time to recover Christine and Beatrice are now planning a trip to Masasi, a day’s drive away in the South East of the country, and Manyoni, not too far from Dodoma. Our small loans project is coming to an end and we will be visiting various youth groups in these dioceses to evaluate the success of the project. Please pray for us as we travel and for Paul and the boys back home. Please also pray that God will provide funding to continue with this project and others which we are planning.

Lots of love and Blessings,
Christine, Paul, Daniel and

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Camels and encounters

Dear all,

Just to make us feel at home, today we went to Dodoma’s version of the Royal Cornwall show! Today is the “nane nane” public holiday (literally meaning 8th of the 8th!) to celebrate farmers day. Dodoma has over the last few years developed its own agricultural show which is very good, demonstrating modern techniques in arable and livestock farming. There is also an amazing display of wild animals including a very noisy, hungry lion, and the livestock section included a camel! We had a lovely morning there with our good friends John and Mama Prince, and their little boy, Prince, all with the boys in this picture.

The boys have been on holiday from school during July and had a very happy time. We were concerned that it would be difficult to leave them whilst we were at work but it worked out that one of us could be around for them most of the time and they were happy to be left with some friends on occasions. Praise God for that. They are now back at school and enjoying it as usual. Daniel now has a longer day at school so gets quite tired but is very happy.

A friend of ours, Noeli, who is a theology student at the university, was married in July to Eveline. Christine was part of the “wedding committee” who traditionally organise the wedding and party on behalf of the groom’s family. It was hard work but a lovely day. Unfortunately the batteries ran out on the camera that day so we haven’t any pictures for you! Please pray for Noeli and Eveline as they start their new life together.

At the end of July we hosted a CMS “encounter group”. A group of 9, young people and their leaders, from Brighton came to Dodoma for a week. They were a great group and we had a wonderful time with them. Each morning they ran a holiday club at the boys’ school (pictured here) which around 70 children attended and thoroughly enjoyed. In the afternoons they met up with Revival choir to sing together and teach each other songs, preparing for an event on the Sunday to launch Revival Choir’s “compassionate fund”. This fund is to help choir members when they are bereaved, ill or in difficulty, and will also be used as a loan fund for members who want to set up small enterprises etc. We raised a good amount of money at the event to kick-start the fund, and now choir members will continue to pay into it each month. On the final evening the encounter group and Revival choir had a football match which was great fun. This picture shows the 2 groups together after the match. It was lovely to see the way the two groups built up a relationship over the week. The group have now moved on to Moshi where they are helping in an orphanage. Thank God for them and all they have done in Tanzania and pray for them as they travel home next week.

Paul has been occupied with marking and collating student results for the past few weeks – a never ending process as now the provisional results are out there will be appeals, re-marks and then supplementary exams before results are finalised. He has also just come back from a trip to Dar to get his leg checked out at a posh hospital after a week of hobbling around due to some unknown condition. After a lot of prodding and poking, numerous different drug regimes and a Doppler ultrasound scan we are still none the wiser as to what the root problem is but it seems to be fairly harmless and getting better anyway. This week will see Paul off again to Singida to try to get as many teaching practice observations covered as possible before he has to come back through Dodoma and off to Dar to pick his sister (Mary) and family up who will be visiting for a week or two. The boys are all looking forward to playing with their cousins who they haven’t seen for 2 years.

Christine has been busy at work preparing for our big national youth conference in September. The plans are coming together very well though the fundraising is still an issue. Please pray that God will provide for this event. We have also just been invited by an organisation in Dar-es-Salaam to submit a proposal for funding for our recording studio project. We aim to build a recording studio in Dodoma where the youth choirs can record their music, which will build up and encourage the choirs, and will also generate a sustainable income to help the TAYO office, which is really struggling financially. Please pray that this proposal is well received and we are able to get the funding for the project. We are also selling CDs to raise extra money for this project. The CD includes 10 youth choirs (including Revival) from the Dodoma area who got together specifically to record in order to raise money for this purpose. It is a great CD. If you would like one, or are able to sell some please email me and I will arrange for some to be sent to you. They are priced at £10 each.

One great answer to prayer is that we have tenants in our house in St. Austell. They have been there nearly 2 months now and seem to be happy. Please pray that they will be happy in the house and will stay for a good length of time.

Lots of love and blessings,
Christine, Paul, Daniel and

Thursday, 25 June 2009

some fun videos

Hope you enjoy this video - just the boys having fun - flying kites on the football ground by our house, Daniel when he first learned to cycle properly, Easter hat parade at school and water play with our good friends the Garretts.

...And this is Isaac's 3rd birthday, 30th March 2009

... And this is Christine's birthday, May 2009, featuring singing by Revival Choir, the University English Choir, and Amani

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Golf, Grandma and Gifts

Dear all,

Sorry its been so long since we updated this but hopefully you have received link letters in the meantime!

Christine’s work is going well and Beatrice has now started working at the office. It’s good to have the company and someone to share ideas with and she is great fun and a hard worker. Her baby boy, Brilliant, was born safely and is doing well. Please pray for them, and please pray for our work. We are continuing with our small loans project which is going really well in one of the 2 dioceses but not so well in the other, as the groups are not returning their loans as required. We are also planning a big youth conference in September, bringing together Anglican youth groups from every diocese across Tanzania, but at present are struggling to raise funds and have not had sufficient response from the dioceses. We need to make a decision at the end of this month whether to go ahead in September or postpone. Either way, please pray that the funds come in and the conference will be a success. As Christine is now doing more work for TAYO she has had to give up her work helping at the nursery school at Ipagala. She was given 2 lovely leaving parties. This picture shows Christine receiving a gift from one of the children, and Julianne, a good friend of ours who is the matron of the nursery.

Christine’s mum came to visit in May and we were able to have a lovely holiday at the beach and Mikumi Wildlife park as well as a good time together in Dodoma, and a trip to Kilimatinde. The boys were very happy to have some time with Grandma.

A very exciting new development in Dodoma is the opening of a new Italian restaurant complete with crazy golf course – a new favourite place for the boys, who love the crazy golf!

Isaac has now started at nursery and loves it and Daniel is continuing to do well and enjoy school too. They have a month’s holiday during July and then Daniel will be moving up to standard 1 in the main part of the school. Isaac will be in the nursery class for another year. They recently had a nursery and reception fun sports day which was great. The picture shows Paul helping out with the relay race.

Paul has finished his teaching for this semester (and all the dreaded coursework marking) and the students are now in the middle of exams. The picture below shows the now common sight around campus of students huddling together in small groups in the shade of a tree quizzing each other on the finer points of biochemistry, educational theory or maybe just the latest gossip. Paul is now looking forward (once the exam marking is finished) to the long break where work will continue but at a more gentle pace with the opportunity to do a little travelling and receive visitors. Projects on the go include: writing the timetable for next year – think of a huge, three dimensional sudoku that never stops changing, observing students during their teaching practice – both near and far, planning new courses for next year, collating this years results and finally getting around to starting the Physics Teachers Network that’s been on the backburner for far too long. Hopefully he’ll also have time to complete a few half finished projects at home such as the rainwater catchment system and the bikeshed/carport and maybe start a new one like the roundabout he promised Daniel when we first got here nearly 2 years ago.

At the end of July we will be hosting a CMS encounter group – a group of young people from the UK. They will run a holiday club at the school which the boys will attend and will also meet with Revival choir each afternoon. Please pray for this group as they prepare for their trip and pray for God’s blessing on all they do here in Dodoma and later in Moshi.

Please also continue to pray for our friend Amani who did not do well in his A level resits but is awaiting the results of a re-mark, and looking for what possible future paths God may have for him, now that it looks like his plans to study for a degree may not be possible.

With love and blessings,
Paul, Christine, Daniel and Isaac. xxx

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Isaac's Birthday

Dear all,

Isaac turned 3 at the end of March and had a lovely day. This is him opening presents in the morning, and enjoying his elephant cake with his friends at his party. Now he is 3 he is able to start the nursery class at Daniel’s school. They have just broken up for a 2 week Easter break but after that he will go each morning from 9 until 12. He is very excited and looking forward to it. Unfortunately this means 2 morning school runs for Christine as Daniel’s school day starts at 7.45. However, it also means Christine will be able to increase her work days and plans to work every morning from 9 til 12, which will give her much more time to get into the work. Work is going well and the loans project is progressing nicely. We are also trying to plan a big youth event later this year which will be held here at the university. Please pray that everything comes together for this event and especially that we are able to raise the funds that we need for it. Praise God that we have found a new staff member for the office, though she hasn’t started yet as she is having a baby very shortly. We decided to delay her start date until after the baby is born rather than employing her and have her leave immediately for 3 months maternity leave. Her name is Beatrice and coincidentally she is married to a member of staff here at the university. Please pray for her and her family as the baby is born and she prepares to start work, and pray that Christine and Beatrice will work well together and develop a good friendship.

Daniel has had a good term at school and came home with a certificate for getting “the most smiley face stickers for good behaviour” over the term which we were all very pleased with. His teacher says he has done really well this term and developed well both academically and socially, so thank you all for your prayers for him. At the end of term we had 2 big events – firstly the Reception class “Easter hat parade” and Easter egg hunt and then the school Easter show. The show was very impressive and had a very powerful Christian message which was wonderful to see considering around half the students acting it out were muslim, and their parents were all there watching too. Christian staff and students at the school are a wonderful witness to the rest of their community. Please pray for them.

Paul is recovering from a rough couple of weeks but is thankful to God for seeing him through it unscathed. The beginning of semester was manic to say the least with timetables to sort out, new courses to plan and last semester’s exam results still to be finalised. A few too many short deadlines meant that Paul overstretched and overstressed himself and succumbed to some sort of virus which kept him off work for a week (the longest he’s been off work in many years). Once nearly recovered Paul decided to go for a walk with the Boys and our friend Brandon at a local mountain however in a remote area we were robbed of everything we had on us by a group of youths in a fairly unpleasant experience that shook us all up for a while. Fortunately the Boys don’t seem to be affected much by the incident and Paul is now back to full health and feeling a lot more at peace such that he’s starting to take on more teaching (special relativity and teaching methods) and found some time to work on his shed whilst at the same time taking great care not to over do it again. Please pray for peace and perspective in Paul’s work and that he manages to find time to prepare all practicals for this semester’s Physics lab.

During March Revival choir visited a different church each Sunday, mostly in villages around Dodoma, which was exhausting but a great experience and wonderful to be able to share in fellowship with village churches and be a blessing to them. One of these trips was a weekend visit to Kilimatinde. We were very well received there and had a wonderful time. It’s great to see a real friendship building up between Revival and Masada choirs. This picture shows some of Revival choir at “the point” in Kilimatinde. Isaac came with us on this weekend too and Paul and Daniel had a nice boys’ weekend at home.

For a few months now Christine and a group of other missionary ladies in Dodoma have been meeting regularly for bible study, to pray for each other and especially to pray for the many muslims we know in Dodoma. A few weeks ago our friend Amani (see earlier blogs) came to speak to the group about his conversion to Christianity. It was a wonderful evening and a real blessing both to the group and to Amani. Following this some of the teachers from CAMS (Daniel’s school) who were at the meeting invited him to sing in the school assembly and to tell his story in several classes, which was very well received. Last week we held a fun night with the group and invited a muslim family from Dodoma to come and join us. Two ladies, Rose and Anna, and 3 girls came and we had a wonderful evening together. Please join us in praying for this family and our other Muslim friends, and for Amani and his family, many of whom are Muslim.

Lots of love,
Christine, Paul, Daniel and Isaac.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Babies and bananas

Dear all,

The University is relatively empty at present with students enjoying an inter-semester break along with many staff. Paul is still active though, having spent time off around Christmas, and is now working on exam results, timetables, course outlines and Physics practicals. He is still finding space to work on his masters course and the workshop/shed he is building is near completion.

In January we became God-parents to twins Joshua and Jospehine, pictured here with their parents. Their dad is an electrician here at the university. The second picture shows Josephine feeding cake to Isaac, a Tanzanian tradition! Please pray for them as they grow and develop.

Christine has now started work with TAYO (Tanzania Anglican Youth Organisation) at the head office of the Anglican Church, though the start has been rather more of a challenge than expected. The plan was that she would be assisting a Tanzanian project officer who has been in post for a few months before Christmas, having had all the work of TAYO handed over to him by a USPG mission partner who has now returned to the UK. However, this project officer did not return to work after Christmas so Christine has been on her own trying to keep the office running with little knowledge of what needs to be done, and little support. However, she is now getting to grips with the work and is excited about some of the projects she will be involved with. Initially, alongside the general running of the department and its activities, the main project is a small loans project for youth choirs in 2 dioceses to help them with income generation projects to develop their groups. We do need to employ a new youth co-ordinator for TAYO. Please pray that we find a good and reliable person to fill this role and who Christine can work alongside easily. Please pray for Christine as she gets used to the work and that her work permit will be processed quickly.

We had a long gap in the rains after an encouraging start and people were worried that there would not be enough for the crops. However, the last few weeks we have seen good, continuous rains, and though the crops will not be as good as they might have been had the gap not occurred, they should be sufficient. Our garden is flourishing, and our banana tree is doing very well.

Daniel is now back at school and loving it and Isaac gets on very well with our new house help Rosie while Lidia is on maternity leave. Each week they go to “Childrens Church” run by Michaela a 9 year old friend who plans all sorts of activities for the kids and occasional adult who come along. Michaela and her brothers Schuyler and Zachary are children of Jeff and Wendy an american pentecostal missionary couple here in Dodoma who are great friends of ours (and the boys).

Sadly the Alpha course has not taken off. We have arranged to start it on a couple of occasions and people have not turned up. We are not sure why but need to think of a better way to approach it. Please pray for guidance on this and for the plans to start an English language alpha for students.

Tragically, Leon, the youngest son (2 years) of our parish vicar died a couple of weeks ago after falling in a hand dug well outside their house after heavy rains. It has been a very sad and difficult time for the family and the church. We were both able to attend the funeral and other services which were very moving occasions. Please pray for the family including their other two children.

Last week we had a weekend break in Kilimatinde together with our American neighbour, Brandon. We had a lovely weekend just meeting up with friends. This shows us at the Kilimatinde guest house with our good friend Daniel and his wife Teresia, and another friend of theirs. We may look a bit tired as we had just had a very energetic walk down to the valley where Daniel lives and back up again. The road we used to drive on regularly to the valley is now impassable in most vehicles.

This picture is taken from Radio Hill overlooking Dodoma. The hill lies above the dam where we often go for picnics, which you may have seen in several photos before. The views there are wonderful and it is a lovely spot for a quiet Sunday afternoon walk.

Revival Choir’s shop is doing very well. We have a new shop-keeper, one of our choir members, who is honest and reliable and we have started to make a good profit (though the last couple of weeks have been poor as the students have not been around). In March we have a month of visits to different churches around Dodoma each Sunday, and one weekend in Kilimatinde. Please pray that these visits will be a success and that we are able to share in fellowship with and encourage the churches we visit as well as reaching people with God’s word.
With love
Paul, Christine, Daniel & Isaac

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Grandparents, a tortoise and lots of elephants

Dear all,
Apologies for not updating the blog for so long (though hopefully you have had a link letter in between! – please email us if you're not on our link letter list and wish to be), here's a longer than normal post to make up for it. Happy new year to you all and we hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.

We were very busy in the run up to Christmas. This picture shows our English language choir (students and staff) before the carols by candlelight service at the cathedral in Dodoma. We were asked to lead the worship at this service which was quite a privilege. We also organised a big ecumenical carol service for the university which again we led with the choir. It was a great success with all the denominations of Christian students coming together in a joint service of worship for the first time.

Daniel also spent lots of time preparing for his Christmas show at school which was a wonderful event. This is him afterwards with his best schoolfriend, Kirby. Daniel is now much more settled at school. He loves his reading and writing. He had a good report saying that he is doing very well academically and is now starting to relate much better with other children. Kirby has been a great help with this. Thank you for all your prayers for Daniel and please continue to pray that he continues to progress.

Shortly before Christmas we went to Kilimatinde for the wedding of our good friend, ex-student of Paul’s, and ex-choir colleague of Christine’s, James Msawile. He was married to Monica and it was a lovely day. We ended up taking the wedding video and providing the wedding car so it was a busy day too!

Having been here a year now we thank God Paul is fairly settled in his work, enjoying both the teaching and administrative tasks (except marking of course) as well as having developed good friendships and working relations with colleagues. His role is still a little unclear – teaching within three different departments as well as taking on administrative duties – but he is starting to enjoy this flexibility and stress levels are low. He is currently coordinating coursework data entry across two faculties, preparing Physics practicals for next semester, writing next semesters timetable, starting up a Physics Teachers Network for the Dodoma area and planning a science teaching methods course for next semester. Just one more week of teaching and then the exams start after which it’s marking followed by a short break before the second semester starts in March. With one module completed (result pending) Paul is just about to start on his second of 7 modules which will make up his MSc in E-learning. We pray that this will not just be an academic exercise but something that he will be able to apply here at the university in the not too distant future as we develop our e-learning systems.

We have a new addition to the family – this is Tricky, our tortoise. He was sold to us by some local children for 75p! We don’t see him very often as he finds lots of cosy places to hide in our garden but the boys enjoy hunting for him!

Over Christmas Paul’s parents came to stay. We had a lovely time with them. The boys were very happy to have them with us and enjoyed bonding/rebonding with them over lego and stories etc. having not seen them for a year. Paul and his dad kept themselves busy creating a rainwater catchment system on the house and started work on a shed! They ended their time with us with a safari to Mikumi wildlife park where we managed to see many animals close up even from our chalet and Isaac’s love of elephants was confirmed!

After they had left we had a visit from Grace (our friend and church youth worker from St. Austell, and Isaac’s God-mother) and Claire (another friend and church youth worker in Cornwall). We had a lovely time with them too and finished their visit with another short holiday on the beach in Bagamoyo.

Now we are back to our normal routine! We hope to start the Alpha course very soon. We have been praying for more people to join before we start. We have about 7 people already so we think we will now go ahead. Although it is a small group, if it is the right people we believe God will do great things with them. Please pray for this as we begin and for a possible student alpha in English that may run this year.

Christine (seen here with Greatlove our neighbours baby after her christening) hopes to start work within the next couple of weeks, working for TAYO (Tanzanian Anglican Youth Organisation) based at the Anglican church headquarters in Dodoma. At first she will just be working for 2 mornings a week until Isaac starts nursery at Easter. Our house help, Lidia, who we had thought would look after Isaac on these mornings is having 3 months off whilst she has a baby. Please pray for her and pray that we find a suitable person to help whilst she is away.

Revival Choir’s shop is continuing to do well. We have had a number of issues with the running and management of the shop but it is a steep learning curve for many of the people involved. However we are making a big profit and have been able to increase our stock so now we are in a position to start returning our loan and saving money to buy instruments. We raised enough money to buy a new keyboard which arrived from the UK with Paul’s parents much to everyone’s delight. Praise God for this and pray for the shop project that it will run smoothly from now on.

Our house back in St. Austell continues to be a worry. We still have no tenant despite dropping the rent and due to the financial crisis there are now a huge number of houses on the market for letting so there is big competition. We are very grateful to our wonderful friends Helen and Nigel Furneaux and Richard Staples, who have been working very hard to maintain and improve the house to try to attract tenants. Please pray that we will soon find a good tenant.