Monday, 9 December 2013

Romans, Retreats and Recordings

Dear all,

Many greetings from Dodoma where it is trying to rain but not seriously. This is common for a Dodoma November/December and we still hope and pray that the proper rains will make it in time for Christmas and last for a good while.
Christine’s Mum, Jean came to visit us back in September. We had a lovely time together, she enjoyed staying with us in Dodoma, spending time with the boys and seeing all our friends and we all managed to enjoy some time at the beach too. The picture shows our trip across to “Lazy Lagoon” island for a short holiday.  She was also here for Daniel’s 10th birthday party which was a “Roman Mysteries” themed party featuring togas, a coliseum cake and making a mosaic from soda lids. These photos show him with his best friends, and Emperor Daniel being attacked by gladiator Isaac!
In October Christine spent a couple of days on retreat with other missionary women of Dodoma which was a lovely time of relaxation, refreshment  and fellowship.
Christine’s work in the mission and evangelism department is progressing well. Please pray for God’s provision in terms of funds and resources so that she can develop some of her plans. You can read more about this work on the link above.
The boys weekly bible club is still going strong. It is a wonderful time of fellowship, learning and fun for the children. We have recently got new T-Shirts for the group which look great on everyone. This picture shows Christine with Michaela, the daughter of our good friends the Garrets who host bible club. Christine, Michaela and her mum, Wendy have been running bible club for about 5 years now and Michaela does a wonderful job of leading many of the activities.
The plans to build a dormitory on campus as an investment for the University Chapel fellowship (which have featured here before) were given a much need boost, after slow progress of late, by the visit in November of Ed Luebben, an architect from America who has now returned home and is draughting plans for the building as an act of mission. With this help, it is hoped that things can progress to the next stage although we are still seeking funds and building work may not start until some time next year.
A few weeks ago Rosie, who has worked for us at our home for many years was married. She has been married for many years and is a Grandma but her husband was a muslim. Last year he came to faith and so they decided to have a Christian wedding. It was a wonderful event.
On the same day as the wedding, the university graduation was due to be held but the week before we heard the tragic news that the Vice Chancellor of the University Professor Gabriel Mwaluko had died whilst undergoing medical treatment in India and so on that day the university community instead gathered for his funeral.  His death is a great loss to the university. He was a wise and Godly man and a good leader. Please pray for his family and for the university as they look for a new Vice Chancellor.  Paul had the honour of being amongst the coffin bearers as shown in this picture. The postponed graduation will now be happening this coming weekend.
Last week Christine’s Swahili choir, Kikuyu Gospel Singers have been busy with the first stages of recording a video of their latest album. This picture shows some of the choir celebrating on location! We have completed 2 songs and aim to finish the work in February when Dodoma will be looking much greener!

We are now beginning to think about and plan our 6 months furlough in the UK from July 2014. Please pray for us as we prepare for this. We will soon be contacting our link churches to arrange dates to visit you. Whilst back in the UK Paul will once more be trying to put together a container of books, apparatus and computers to send back to Tanzania. If anyone has useful information about any schools, libraries, universities or businesses that are doing a clear-out around that time then please let Paul know at the above email address.
Many of you should soon receive our official CMS prayer letter which should reach supporters by email or on paper soon.
With much love
Paul, Christine, Daniel & Isaac